The Great Mystery Concludes!

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photo 3A most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you who joined us at Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro for the Great Mystery Culminating Affair!  We want to congratulate the following teams for their awesome success:

Family Edition Culminating Mystery:  Team Brownie Hounds

Super Sleuth Edition Culminating Mystery:  Team Mystery Solvents

Bike Prize:  Team Four Hayeks and a Turk

Shameless Marketing Prize:  Team Sherlock Holmies  

photo 5We also want to honor all the supporters and prize donors that made The Great Mystery 2015 so successful:

Avenue Bread, Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro, McKay’s Taphouse, Mallard Ice Cream, Village Books, The Willows Inn, Kulshan Cycles, The High Mountain Stringband, The Pickford Cinema, The Upfront Theatre, Good To Go Meat Pies, Alley Cat Bike Shop, The Whatcom Museum, Terra Organica, & Mindport Exhibits.

We are completely and humbly grateful to all these businesses and organizations for supporting experiential education opportunities for youth!

photo 5[1]Let’s also give a shout out to our staff here at Explorations Academy who have helped put this crazy event together:  Ariel Brownstein, Anni Kamola, Bethany Denton and Paula Leach — an amazing team of folks!

Finally, please help us spread the word so that The Great Mystery 2016 will be the biggest and best Great Mystery ever!  Thanks!


Week 4 Hints

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Intrepid sleuths! Some mumblings have made their way to Command Central requesting hints for Week 4. You will find them below! Use ’em to find your 4th week final answers…if you need ’em!

ALSO:  NEWS FLASH!!  It has come to our attention that there was a misprint in the Culminating Mystery Instructions sent out last week.  The key to the Super Sleuth Culminating Mystery has SEVEN digits in it, not FIVE as erroneously printed.  The key is in the place as correctly identified, but look for a seven not five digit number.  Multitudinous Apologies to all!

Family Edition Week Four Hints
1.  This spot is pretty close to Cornwall Park, and the double letter streets are north-south streets.
2.  At the edge of the woods is this cool little box of books; within a stone’s throw the clue sits.
3.  This bridge is over a creek soon to be daylighted, part of the state highway system!
4.  How many places in the city center have poems mounted on metal signposts?

Super Sleuth Week Four Hints
1. One lighthouse sits near the water, one near the freeway.  Both are more for marketing than illumination.
2. These numbers are political designations, the boundaries of which can be obtained from the government.
3. This metal thing sings and rings just below the Museum, next to the creek…
4. This big round thing contains water — but don’t cross the fence!

Bring your final clues to the Culminating Affair on May 20 to win the GREAT MYSTERY! Boundary Bay Brewing Co. is hosting our Great Mystery event from 6-8pm, and the High Country Stringband will play away our querying woes from 8-10pm (cover $5; a portion goes to Explorations Academy!).

We will see you there!

Congratulations Week 4 Winners!

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In an exciting race to the finish line, two teams won this week’s spoils! Congratulations to the 4th Corner Network who won the Super Sleuth prize for the second week in a row! Wow. And a big congratulations to Family Edition team Last Ditch for their exemplary weekly win!

The 4th Corner Network is pleased as punch.

The 4th Corner Network is pleased as punch.


Check out that glee! Go team Last Ditch!

A big thank you to this week’s Super Sleuth sponsors, the Pickford Film Center, for their generous donation of movie passes, and to the Family Edition sponsors, the Whatcom Museum, for their donation of day passes. Please support these wonderful organizations and help our community thrive.

Pickford (Week 3 FE)

whatcommuseum (Week 4 FE)So! All of the clues have been sent out, and all of the weekly clues have been won. Whether or not you won the weekly clues, you are still in the running to win the Culminating Mystery. If you have not finished finding any of the weekly clues, keep searching. The weekly answers together will help you solve the final Great Mystery.

Keep your eyes peeled and your senses alert for the postcard coming to YOU this week in the mail that will explain EVERYTHING you need to know about how to win the culminating prize.

And then join us on May 20th at Boundary Bay Brewery Co. for the culminating event from 6-8pm. Free appetizers will be provided, along with a no-host BBQ and bar. Together, we will dive into the challenge of the culminating prize together, and to the Sluthiest go the Spoils!

Then, from 8-10pm, The High Mountain Stringband will play! What a wonderful way to wrap up an awesome Great Mystery year. The cover is just $5, and 25% of the night’s music proceeds will be donated back to Explorations Academy. So come out and enjoy the evening, bring your friends, and your dancin’ shoes. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Culminating Affair Poster

Week Three — Fast Action!

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Indeed, before the end of the day Friday, both of our Week Three prizes were claimed by speedy and sleuthiferous teams!

The Brownie Hounds came in first with the Family Edition solution, prevailing for their second week in a row. The Fourth Corner Network wrapped up the Super Sleuth Edition in similarly breakneck fashion.  Our congratulations go out to these two intrepid teams!

The Brownie Hounds are at it again!

The Brownie Hounds are at it again!

Congratulations to the 4th Corner Network for their astounding sleuthing!

Congrats to the 4th Corner Network!

But really, a big congratulations goes out to everyone partaking in this zany adventure! We could not do it without you, and are grateful for your positive contributions to our learning community. Keep up the hard work, everyone, and keep your eyes out for the 4th and final clue of the Great Mystery, coming your way through the mail.

Pickford (Week 3 FE)

Upfront (Week 3 SS)And a special big thank you to our sponsors for this week’s gifts! Our Family Edition prize was made possible by the Pickford Film Center!

And a super thank you to the Upfront Theater for their generous donation of free tickets for the Super Sleuthian team.

Please show your support for this week’s sponsoring business by sponsoring them in return! Our community support is what makes this Great Mystery possible, and what makes our Bellingham a place for your children to thrive! Thank you again to everyone playing and enjoying the fun.

Both Prizes claimed for the Great Mystery Week 2!

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Well wowzee! Both prizes have been claimed for the WEEK 2 Great Mystery prizes! Good work to everyone out there sleuthing, and keep at it! We hope you are having tons of fun. The Brownie Hounds received the winning prize for the Family Edition, and the Enigma Machina received the winning prize for the Super Sleuth Edition. Way to go!


The Brownie Hounds are ready to howl!


The Enigma Machina can’t believe the luck and good fortune!

We would like to give a deep thanks to Terra Organica and Good-To-Go Meat Pies for their generous donations of tasty eats and yummy treats.

Terra         GoodToGoMeatPies (Week 2 FE)

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s clues coming to you in the mail…

It’s Week Two Already, and…

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Blame it on the teachers… no, strike that. Blame it on the LEGISLATURE for not living up to their legal duty to appropriately fund public education. Regardless, our hunch is that Team Brownie Hounds, composed largely of public high school students, got a head start in Week Two of The Great Mystery as a result of not being in school on Friday. They zipped in late Friday afternoon before our office closed for the weekend to claim the Family Edition Week Two PrizTerrae!

As you undoubtedly know, The Great Mystery, its many participants, and all those associated with Explorations Academy are blessed by significant community support. In this case, we have Terra Organica, alias Terra, to thank for the Family Edition Week Two Prize. Terra is an awesome place to get healthy food.  As with all our Community Partners and prize donors, we heartily encourage you to support these local businesses that are making our community and our school strong.

Super Sleuth teams, we await your Week Two results!  And thanks to all of you for your support for An education that matters.

The Family Edition Prize has Been Claimed!

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Greetings Sleuths, Seekers, Thinkers, and Finders!

We are excited to report that the Family Edition Prize has been claimed!! With great excitement, the team Two Herlocks and Their Holmsies solved the riddles, tricks, and twists, and received the week one prize: four admission passes to Mindport. A huge thanks to Mindport for your generous donation!


Remember, everyone is still in the running to solve the Great Mystery culminating prize. Solve week one, and continue the hard work–or is it play?–in solving the upcoming weeks. Week Two clues go into the mail tomorrow, Wednesday. Keep your eyes peeled on your mailboxes, and good luck in the second round.


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