Winter Into Spring

Watching the weather outside, it’s apparent that Spring has been underway for some time already here in Bellingham.  Daffodils have bloomed earlier than ever before in my memory — daffodils in February! — and all the other flowers and shrubs are bursting forth with new growth.

As are the students at Explorations Academy!  We wrapped up our Winter Term  last week, our Indonesia and Symbol and Style clusters each completing a body of fascinating and challenging work.  In the case of the Symbol and Style group, the students explored how marketing strategies influence decisionmaking, increased their ability to critically analyze language, and put their creativity to work in the production and editing of their own videos..  These strengths will serve these kids well in future colleges or careers.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, our Indonesia group students gained resilience, developed their cross cultural awareness, improved their skills at interpersonal communication, and worked hard on academic subjects under challenging circumstances.  Again, each of these strengths will help the kids succeed in collegiate or work environments.

More importantly, all these strengths constitute key elements of a 21st Century education.  They will help these young people become able to make a positive difference in the world — whatever their future may hold.

Meaningful discussions keep school lively!

That was Winter Term!  Now we’re on to Spring, and we have two new clusters starting up.  One is called Food, and will explore agricultural economics, organic gardening, and nutrition.  The other one, called Shelter, will investigate structural mechanics, architecture, and the design of of energy efficient buildings.  We’ll have more to report in upcoming posts about these new endeavors — but they are sure to give students exposure to highly relevant, cutting-edge topics.  Stay tuned!

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