Fan Mail

–Daniel Kirkpatrick

Well, the school year is over and the dust is settling.  It was a great year with lots of wonderful experiences and milestones.  For example, we celebrated five students in our largest graduating class ever!   We’re well along into getting everything ready for September — while, of course, catching up on house projects, taking off on adventures, and occasionally sitting with a book sipping iced tea.

As I embark upon clearing off my desk, I have come across several nice comments from families that reflect the work we do, and I thought I’d share them.  Enjoy!

I would like to tell you how very impressed with the program we are, and, additionally, how moving, intimate, honest and encouraging I found the graduation ceremony to be. Thank-you to you and all of the staff for the vision, commitment and hard work it must have taken, and does take, to be able to offer something as relevant and meaningful in education today.

Thank you for helping mold our daughter into the wonderful young woman we always knew she could be.  I cannot image the person she would be today without the support and positive mentoring she is receiving at Explorations.  It is our fortune to have found Explorations at a time when she was receptive to a change in schools and your willingness to integrate her into your community.  So often, our daughter will share how excited she is about a certain project or how much she enjoyed a recent outing.  She is very open to discuss her different classmates and I am happy to say she is making life long friendships, something she was not able or willing to do in the public school setting.

I can personally attest to Explorations’ commitment to providing a meaningful, rich, experiential, connected high school experience. Our son has studied Washington State history in a trip around the entire state, meeting with tribal elders, farmers, Hanford technicians, city councils – in short, experiencing far more than a textbook offers. He has analyzed architecture, studied filmmaking, gone on myriad camping trips, acted in and analyzed a play, delved into linguistics, and much more. Content is great, but the process at Explorations has perhaps been the most important thing; students receive a carefully considered evaluation of their growth and performance in each class. This sort of feedback has been invaluable; our son is given concrete observations of his performance and carefully considered suggestions for improvement. He has not just been taught by teachers – he has been mentored, challenged to work to his full potential academically, socially and personally.

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