News from Cuba – Update #4

It’s hard to believe our group will be returning in about a week! Here’s another quick update from Cuba we received via email. See the note below!

Things are going well for the most part here. Everyone is healthy and our days are full. Today we leave Cienfuegos to return to Havana for a couple of days before our final stretch — most likely in Playa Jibicoa on the north coast, between Havana and Varadero — to begin writing up our findings. We have over a dozen good interviews and hope to end up with 20 or so. The cities here on the south side of the island are rich with history and we’ve talked with people who have pretty different views from those in Havana. Cubans are treating us with kindness and grace with no exceptions (street hustlers aside, of course) and we are learning huge amounts about this very unique nation.

We can look forward to a more detailed update through email and/or blog entry out once the group return to Havana. Internet communication remains a huge challenge — very few outlets, very few terminals, and mostly long lines. The group sends love and gratitude to all.

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One Comment on “News from Cuba – Update #4”

  1. talkingcuba Says:

    I just saw this blog entry and I’m interested in hearing more about your trip. I have led several mission trips to Cuba and just recently returned. I’m always interested in hearing the many perspectives about life in Cuba. My blog can be seen at Buen viaje!

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