News from Cuba — Update #7

We  spent a couple of additional days in Havana and we put them to full use, including returning to the Vivero Alamar Agroponico for a service project. (We planted over 7000 lettuce starts in this amazing urban organic farm.)  They were pleased and surprised to hear that we have an organic garden at our school!  We also did a bunch of other business in Havana, including heading to the Museo de la Revolucion and the Museo de Bellas Artes.

Planting lettuce at Vivero Alamar Agroponico

It was actually hard to say goodbye to Havana,  as we have all grown fond of this incredibly vibrant, convivial city. But leave we did, again using the awesome services of Ramon, our now-beloved cabbie, guide, and friend.

En route to our final Cuban destination of Playa Jibacoa, Ramon’s big green Cadillac suffered a blowout. This was no surprise, since the roads are rough and the car was loaded to the max. What was a surprise was that he yanked a full-size floor jack out of the back of the car, and had it up in the air with the wheel off in under two minutes. Then, he proudly pointed out the disk brakes that he had retrofitted onto his precious machine, before installing the spare. We were ready to roll again by the time most NorteAmericanos would have found the instruction sheet that came with their scissor jack!

Playa Jibacoa is beautiful, and though our hotel/resort is a bit on the faded glory side of the spectrum (like much of this nation) the people are wonderful, the accommodations more than satisfactory, and the sea breezes are delightful. We have organized our group into four sub-teams each with specific deliverables (video, presentation, articles for publication, and booklet production.)

We’re looking forward to being home and seeing everyone. Thanks so much, to all of you, for your amazingly generous support and assistance. This has been a very powerful experience for all of us, and we eagerly look forward to sharing the learning as widely as possible once we return! Take Care!

Explorations students at the Museo de la Revolucion

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