Have you signed up for…

You WON’T want to miss this event!

What’s the perfect fundraiser for an independent school emphasizing experiential learning and global citizenship?

A city-wide scavenger hunt!  Deliberately designed to be un-Google-able, this event will see families or teams of four  receiving weekly clues in the mail — yes, the US Mail — for four weeks starting next week.  Then, each team will solve mysteries and use their answers to find further clues hidden all over town.  Weekly prizes will be awarded, plus there will be a Culminating Mystery prize on May 7th, when we wrap things up.  One final prize will be awarded that afternoon, and another grand prize will be awarded at our Great Mystery dinner auction that evening.

This event involves:
• teamwork & communication
• creative, divergent thinking
• active exploration and pursuit
• prizes for the quick and the clever
• fun!

Plus, all the proceeds benefit our scholarship fund!  So… Get a clue, and join us for The Great Mystery!

REGISTER NOW! It’s only $40 for a family or team of four — about what you might pay to go sit in a movie theatre for a couple of hours.  But this investment will give you four weeks of group problem solving, exploration, and fun — kind of like a Ski to Sea race for the brain!

If you are interested (who could NOT be?) visit The Great Mystery page on our website to download a registration form, and get it in pronto!  And if you have any questions, please call our office at 360-671-8085.  See you out there!

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