Clueing in!

The first clues are in the hands and minds of Great Mystery participants!   Teams are at work in Bellingham — at play in Bellingham — at large in Bellingham — beginning to solve the first mysteries and find subsequent clues!

This endeavor, which is really more play than work, is bringing people together, activating their divergent thinking skills,  giving them an excuse to explore, engaging them in local history and geography, and providing them with an exhilarating experience to enrich their lives!

“I had a great time looking for the first clue with my son!”  said Mary Ann Kelly, one Great Mystery participant.  “We ran out of time, but he thinks he knows where the next one is, and we’ll get our other teammates involved tonight to go find it.”

Meanwhile, here is the fourth in our series of four promo videos.  As of this writing, nobody has claimed the a latte from identifying the mystery locations in any of the four videos.  So it’s open season!  Let us know when you have figured out the location, and assuming you are a registered Great Mystery participant, your next latte is on us!

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