The Great Mystery Week 1 Update

Great Mystery teams are out, roaming all over Bellingham in pursuit of clues, coming up with conclusions, and continuing to enjoy the hunt.  And we have a Weekly Prize winner for Week One!Sheri Rego (on the right in this photo, next to our own Allison Roberts) came in with the still-encrypted final clue for Week One, which earned her and her team a $20 Mallard Ice Cream gift certificate!  Congratulations to Sheri — and thanks again to Mallard Ice Cream and to all our community partners and event sponsors.  For all those of you still hunting and solving, don’t be discouraged.  Your Week One solution is a piece of the Culminating Mystery solution, so continue your pursuits.

We had a small mail glitch this week with some Great Mystery registrations arriving late — which in turn caused clues to go out late.  Please accept our apologies as we work out the bugs in this brand-new process.  Next week all clues will go out at the same time, and most of the prizes have yet to be won.  Speaking of which:  NOBODY has yet claimed any of our four free latte coupons — all you have to do is to watch our promo videos and identify the mystery location!

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