We Have a Week Three Winner!

Congratulations to Roberta Lee, whose (camera shy) Great Mystery team successfully navigated the complexities of alphabetized streets, the NE side of certain NE facilities, and all the rest to correctly locate the final piece of the Week Three mystery!  We’re on to Week Four now, with the final clues arriving in mailboxes as I write.

Please note:  Week Four is when it all comes together!  Not only will your team need to solve the Week Four mystery, but will also need to rearrange and then read the rebus that leads you to the key that deciphers the Culminating Mystery numbers.  As we have said, you’ll need to draw upon the answers to each week’s puzzle to solve the Culminating Mystery.

We hope to see representatives of all the teams at noon this Saturday, May 7th, at the Farmer’s Market, when the Culminating Mystery Prize and the Bike Prize will be awarded!  Read your weekly letter carefully this week — it contains hints as well as the primary clue — and good luck to you!

(Also:  If your team is stumped… feel free to stop by or give us a call.  We’re definitely limited in how far we can go with hints, but we’ll try to help if you are stuck.  This IS supposed to be fun…)

Thanks for your participation, your support of progressive education, and your adventuresome spirit.  Oh, and we still have a few seats left at The Great Mystery Dinner Auction this Saturday evening, so visit our website for information on how to get your tickets!

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