The Great Mystery — a Terrific Success!

It was mysteriously similar to a photo finish:  The Week Four Great Mystery prize was claimed not five minutes before a second team came in with the same correct answer!  We honor The Sehome Old Timey Detective Agency for being the first team to complete Week Four and claiming their $50 Village Books gift certificate!

The "Identical Cousins" claim the Culminating Mystery Prize!

Then the rush was on to decipher the Culminating Mystery.  At our ending ceremony at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market on Saturday, a winner was drawn from all the teams completing the Culminating Mystery successfully.  We congratulate The Identical Cousins for taking the final prize!

And so you are wondering:  The Great Mystery answer is….   Well, now wouldn’t that spoil the fun for the teams still puzzling away!  We will leave the clues up until the end of May for those of you who are still enjoying the thrill of the hunt.  And while the prizes are (mostly) gone, the joy of discovery yet awaits.  So get out there and have fun!

We still have the Bike Prize to award, since no team submitted photos to claim it.  We have extended the Bike Prize contest through May 31.  Please submit to our office, no later than that day, your collected (thumbnail) photos of your bike next to as many of the clues as possible.  We will award the Bike Prize — a $100 gift certificate from Fairhaven Bikes — on or about May 31, so don’t hold back!  And maybe, just maybe, you will encounter one  of the mystery locations from videos #2 and #4 and come in to claim a free latte coupon!

Please contact us if you have questions about any of the clues.  Now that the prizes have been awarded, we can be a little more open about offering hints.

After May 31, we will take down the clues and post explanations for each — before we turn around and start planning the next Great Mystery!  Because, yes, there will be another episode, due to popular demand — and, of course, our continual need to generate scholarship dollars.

Thanks much for participating.  And once again, please join us in thanking our Community Partners and sponsors:  Vacationland RV, D’Angelo International, Village Books, Community Food Co-op, REI, Tabar Gloves, Angler Automotive, Louis Auto Glass, Altus Nuova, Mahy CounselingFairhaven Bike & Ski, Cicchitti’s Pizza, Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant, Mallard Ice Cream, and the Silver Reef Casino!

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