Theory into Practice: Water Cluster Service Project

Service learning is an important way students develop an ethic of citizenship.  At Explorations, we incorporate frequent service projects to underscore curricular relevance for students,  help them see how they can impact the world in positive ways, and give them the opportunity to do meaningful physical work.

Our most recent service learning project involved our Water Cluster working at the Center for Local Self Reliance (CLSR), where our school garden is located.  The CLSR facility includes a Caretaker’s House, which  is being developed as a demonstration site for ecological living.  Our Water Cluster students worked with the staff at CLSR to develop a rain barrel catchment system.

This is a simple system that involves three 55 gallon drums fitted with overflow connections and hose spigots that will provide the primary water source for  summer watering of our school garden!  In providing this supply source, we are both reducing runoff and limiting the need for city water that has been treated and piped from afar.  For the students involved, this was a great way to help out the CLSR while moving water conservation from an academic subject to an actual physical practice!

Thanks much to teacher Abram Dickerson for heading up this project, to the Water Cluster students for their contributions, and to the CLSR for being great partners with our school!

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