The Great Mystery Concludes

The Sehome Old Timey Detective Agency submitted this image of their work table

Well, The Great Mystery actually concluded on May 7th when the Culminating Mystery was announced and the grand prizes were won.  But the clues stayed up through the end of May, and we want to celebrate all those of you who puzzled, explored, investigated, hypothesized, tested, and drew conclusions.  As far as we can tell, it was a ton of fun as well as a great learning opportunity for participants.  We heard things like:

Thanks for dreaming up such an excellent event!

We biked 18 miles yesterday working our clues trying to find the final answer.

 Excitement was in the air. The challenge took me all over the place. We were jumping up and down when we got the answer!

The Great Mystery is a great family bonding experience.

My husband and I were out until 10:30 last night with a dog and flashlights. We had a blast!

It gets you outside and makes you interact in a different way that you normally would, and look at the world differently.  (This exact statement could have been made about Explorations Academy!)

This saint's name changed to become that of his brother...

As you probably know, we also extended the Bike Prize deadline to the end of May to give more folks the chance to submit documentation.  And we have a winner, now for our Bike Prize:  Pete Stark and Judy Calhoun, who submitted shots of their bikes next to fourteen different clues!  Congratulations to Pete and Judy, and thanks to all of you who worked The Great Mystery on your bikes!

If you were a participant, take a moment to fill out our super-quick feedback survey to help us plan for next time around.  Anyone from a Great Mystery Team completing the survey by July 1 will be sent the solutions to each of the clues.

And finally, please join us in thanking our Community Partners and sponsors:  Vacationland RV, D’Angelo International, Village Books, Community Food Co-op, REI, Tabar Gloves, Angler Automotive, Louis Auto Glass, Altus Nuova, Mahy CounselingFairhaven Bike & Ski, Cicchitti’s Pizza, Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant, Mallard Ice Cream, and the Silver Reef Casino!

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