A Dynamic Start to the School Year!

Good times back in school again!

Explorations Academy’s seventeenth school year is off to a ripping start!  We have more students enrolled in our high school program than ever before, and as our enrollment criteria have risen, we have a great mix of seasoned and new students.

Fibi studying -- yes, Orientation is still school!

Out of the first seven days of school, four of them were spent on two separate field outings!  Our first outing was our Field Orientation, which brought all our students and faculty into the upper Skagit River Valley for three days of camping out, attending classes, doing groupbuilding activities, hiking, holding advisee conferences, eating wonderful student-prepared meals, and doing two service projects.  The weather was perfect and the group made great progress toward a shared sense of purpose and excitement.  One of our new students commented “It’s great to be at a school where the students want to be there!”  The value of the experience for everyone was increased by the solid leadership our veteran students demonstrated in coordinating the overall event.

Michael and Amanda between shows at the Fringe

Just a couple of days later, our second field outing rolled out, this time to Vancouver BC for the Vancouver Fringe Theatre Festival.  As a way to help students to get excited about their Theatre Arts class this term, we attended three one-act plays in a single evening.  They were all very interesting and entertaining, and at least one play — The Giant Invisible Robot — was absolutely superb in the way it demonstrated the expressive capacities of the theatrical medium.

All indications point to this being an absolutely amazing school year.  We extend gratitude to all our families, volunteers, donors, and everyone who helps to make this unique kind of education possible!

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