Students Volunteer at Carbon Rally

On Saturday, September 24, Explorations Academy students took part in Bike Bellingham, a climate change rally at City Hall.  This rally was sponsored by the group and was part of a larger event called Moving Planet.  The purpose was not just to call attention to the problem of increasing atmospheric carbon and the resulting climate change, but also to highlight specific actions people can take to reduce their carbon footprint.  This event’s theme was the use of bicycles for transportation.

The thrust of the group is to reverse the buildup of carbon in the atmosphere and return to a level below 350 parts per million.  At that level, scientists estimate, we can sustain human activity in a healthy balance with our planet.  But doing so requires dramatic change — including, for example, switching from petroleum-based transportation to bicycling.

We were proud that seven Explorations kids volunteered to help run this event.  These students participated not for a grade or as a class project, but simply to contribute their efforts to increase the sustainability of our society.  Their action helped to connect their academic studies with meaningful engagement in the community, and highlights the type of global citizenship that is so urgently needed in today’s world.

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