Fall Backpack Rocks!

Explorations Academy students have just returned from the mountains– and it was a spectacular autumnal expedition!  Three groups of students, each with two staff, followed different trails in the North Cascades, each group ascending above timberline among magnificent mountain vistas and frigidly frosty nights.

Although the students didn’t focus very much on academics while in the backcountry, many things were learned.  Some gained a new level of accountability for their equipment, while some developed new ways to interact with (and share leadership of) their group.  For some students, overcoming perceived limitations while carrying a backpack was the primary lesson.  Some focused on biology, geology, or astronomy, while others focused on food — picking alpine huckleberries or polishing their backcountry cooking skills.

Everyone had a good time.  Kassi said, “It is great being up here where the air is so clean and clear.”  Brandon expressed that he really valued “being part of an accepting community.”  And Ariel commented that “Climbing over Cutthroat Pass was extremely challenging… but the mountain views were amazing!”

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