Departing for Bangkok!

After months of preparation — and a final push that felt like months squeezed into days — our group has left the soils of North America!  Ten Explorations Academy students, two teachers, and one awesome intern are off on their colossal adventure.

This is Explorations Academy’s tenth annual international expedition.  Each one has offered students a powerful sense of connection to unfamiliar cultures and ecosystems, while also building their understanding of themselves as global citizens.

Here are some comments Lisa gleaned from the students as they awaited their flight out of Seattle:

I can’t believe it takes ten hours to cross the Pacific!  — Ariel
I’m ready for Thailand… not so much the airplane. — James

It’s overcast here at the airport. — Graham

We’re going to miss everyone!  — Sophia
We’re going.  Yah.  I’m tired, though.  — Guthrie
I can’t wait to see a Bangkok sunset!  — Susannah
Stoked!  — Skye
On a plane.  Yeah!  — Claire
Absolutely terrifying and amazing!  — Aidan
It hasn’t quite sunk in yet.  — Katie

We have received word that our group has arrived safely in Bangkok and made a smooth jaunt from the airport to settle in at the Shanti Lodge.  We will provide further updates as they become available, so stay tuned for news.

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2 Comments on “Departing for Bangkok!”

  1. lisajackson Says:

    What an experience! Hope they enjoy!

  2. andrea maier Says:

    wow I hope you guys have a great time. Please keep the rest of us up to date on there trip.

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