Thailand Update #5

Our group of students and teachers continues to find inspiration and information in their Thailand travels!  The Explorations team has just returned from their hill trek, during which communications were suspended.  This adventure was led by people of the Akha tribe.  On this outing, students hiked through the jungle, while getting a glimpse into the ways aboriginal people of the jungle survived.  This included creating chopsticks & eating/drinking cups using freshly-cut bamboo stalks, fishing in a small creek, cooking over a fire, and enjoying the results!  Here is a report from Claire about the experience:

Hello again from the other side of the world!

 I just showered after hiking out of the beautiful bamboo and banana tree forest.  Our experience so far has been amazing!

Yesterday morning we geared up to walk out of our Akha hill village homestay and into the quiet forest.  Bamboo hung low and we ducked beneath it into a small trail leading us to the river. Rolling up my pants, we listened to our instructor telling our group to begin damming the river.  First, we started to stack rocks and banana leaves to make the first part of the dam and to help divert water to a smaller creek area.  Then we built up a second dam stretching the length of the river made of rocks and filled the cracks with dirt.  This process allowed for water to puddle, and for our soon-to-be lunch to be trapped in the small pools of water. 

Searching for the critters was arguably my favorite part.  The pursuit of our small slippery food had us turning rocks and throwing ourselves into the cold but refreshing water.  I personally found myself covered in fishy creek water, reminding me very much of our own Puget Sound, without the cold air to match the cold water, and, unfortunately, without the large fish.  Most of the fish part of our meal was small crabs, two-inch long fish, shrimp, and the occasional eel.


Cooking was a completely different experience.  Between gutting the critters and letting the food simmer in stocks of bamboo over the fire, I found a free moment.  So after splitting a few small fish, and watching an eel squirm around even after we attempted to kill it by relieving it of what we thought was a very important body part, I resorted to watching the bamboo stocks filled with tea and delicious food cook over the open flame.

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One Comment on “Thailand Update #5”

  1. I wish I were THERE! Beautiful, hard work and I am so proud of you all! Lovin’ the hat, James!

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