The Great Mystery Rides Again!

The time has come for the Great Mystery’s Second Edition!

Please sign up ASAP for this unique, energetic, adventurous fundraising event!  The Great Mystery involves:

• group problem solving and sharing of complex ideas

• direct, open-ended outdoor experience for your team

• thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ideas

• getting to know Bellingham better — even seasoned folks will learn something

• a chance for the clever and the quick to win a variety of cool prizes

• all proceeds go to support financial aid for low income youth

In sum, it’s a win-win-win-win-win!  We hope you’ll join us.  It’s just $40 per family or team of up to four participants, and for that investment you get a clue mailed to you each week for four weeks, a ton of fun and adventure, and the chance to win weekly prizes.  There is also a Culminating Mystery, one piece of which you will get each week, and a Culminating Mystery prize too!

New this year: we have two levels of challenge!  The Essential Edition is for families with children or those less comfortable with complex puzzles.  The Super Sleuth level is on par with last year’s Great Mystery, which some found to be too obscure at times.

As a teaser, we are creating little promo videos for you to  view (and share)!  Here are the first two.  Each one contains a brief clip of a mystery location in Bellingham, and if you are among the first to correctly identify that location, and come into our office with the correct answer, you will win a free coffee coupon!

Great Mystery Video #1

Great Mystery Video #2

We hope you will join us, and also help spread the word to other folks who may also enjoy The Great Mystery!

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2 Comments on “The Great Mystery Rides Again!”

  1. Keith D'Angelo Says:

    I love it ,great music . Can’t wait to get back from Montreal so I can win that Latte.

  2. Keith Willnauer Says:

    Contorting our minds, bumped into an essential clue (EE) while nosing around for a SS. We’re off but bobing and weaving badly.
    What County’

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