First Great Mystery Clues Going Out Soon!

We had a lovely Great Mystery Kickoff Party last evening, and not only did everyone have a good time, but we set a tone for the delight and puzzlement that is soon to arrive at Bellingham’s doorstep in the form of The Great Mystery, Volume 2.

Our original plan was to mail the first clues last week, but for a variety of reasons we pushed the start date back a week.  Which means, it’s not too late to sign up and still have access to every weekly prize!  Please help us spread the word, and help us get a few more teams signed up!  We’ll be sending clues out in just a few days.

In the meantime, don’t miss these cool videos.  The other day, we posted two, and now here are two more promo videos for The Great Mystery.  Each one contains a shot of a mystery location.  If you are a registered participant and are among the first to identify the mystery location in the clip, you can report that info to our office and win a free coffee coupon!

Great Mystery Video #3

Great Mystery Video #4

Again, the real purpose of The Great Mystery — other than fun, of course — is to raise money for financial aid for low income youth.  For this reason, we are trying to get as many teams as possible to participate in The Great Mystery.  We encourage you to forward these video clips to anyone you know who might possibly be a curious and fun-loving person, so that they can get involved and also have a good time.  Thanks!

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