And… They’re OFF!

The first clues to the 2012 Great Mystery have been mailed, and initial reports from the field indicate that some serious sleuthing is taking place!  Here’s one sample comment we received:

My husband’s team just solved the first mystery!  He’s working with a few super-competitive people, and they are having so much fun!

We hope you’re out there having fun solving mysteries, too, and not just sitting in front of a computer reading this blog!  But since you’re here, we have one request and one suggestion.

The request:  We’d love to have a few more teams involved.  Do you know anyone who might also enjoy the Great Mystery?  It’s affordable, fun, collaborative, engages your creativity, helps you learn about your town, and supports a great cause.  Registration will remain open — earlier registrants just have more chances to win prizes.

The suggestion:  Having fun with the Great Mystery?  You can win bonus prizes — in the form of free espresso coupons — by identifying the mystery locations in our video trailers.  There are four videos, each just one minute long, but when you identify the mystery location in each clip, you can come into our office and claim your free coffee prize!  Multiple prizes are available!

Great Mystery Video #1

Great Mystery Video #2

Great Mystery Video #3

Great Mystery Video #4

Since you need to bring your correct answer into our office to win, you may wish to know that our typical office hours are from 8 am to 5pm.  That said, because we are an experiential school, sometimes we are all in the field — so don’t be upset if we happen not to be in when you visit.  Persistence is a virtue for those pursuing Great Mysteries!  Happy sleuthing, and we look forward to awarding the first prizes!

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