Week One Update


Super SleuthWe have a Week One winner!  As of 8:17 am on Monday, April 23, Judd of the Salvage Yard Sleuths came in to claim the Super Sleuth Week One prize, a gift certificate to Mallard Ice Cream!

Essential Edition  — Again, many regrets to Essential Edition sleuths who reached the location that should have held the Week One Answer.  You were probably in the right spot, but the clue went missing for a day or two.  There is never any guarantee that our clues won’t be pilfered, purloined, pulled, or subject to hanky panky.  It’s just never happened before… until now.

That said, we have an Essential Edition Week One Winner!  Rachel of the Subdued Dudes came in at 8:51 am on Tuesday, April 24 to claim a gift certificate and some assorted freebies for Merch-bot!

Please help us thank our Community Partners, sponsors, and prize donors by letting them know you are enjoying The Great Mystery and that you appreciate their support for innovative education in Bellingham.

Let us offer a note of encouragement to those who have NOT yet solved the Week One puzzle.  Keep at it!  Even if one weekly prize has gone to someone else, you are still very much in the running for fun, learning, adventure, and later week’s and Culminating prizes.

A number of folks apparently didn’t read the 2012 Rules and Such document we sent.  Please note:  Your weekly answer is encrypted.  It will say “Week One Answer” on it, but don’t expect it to make sense.  That will come when the Culminating Mystery is revealed.

Finally:  Don’t forget to comb Bellingham for the mystery locations in our video clips, as we still have a few free coffee coupons left for those who you are successful.

The Week Two clues will be hitting the mail in the next day or two — stay tuned!

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