Missing Clue REPLACED & BOTH Week 2 Prizes Won!

SECOND UPDATE:  We have a Super Sleuth Winner for Week Two, as of 4:47pm Wednesday May 2.  Sheri of the Team Regosteins, with the help of her friend Kelsey, solved Week Two and claimed a gift certificate for dinner at the Nuthouse Grill in Lynden!  Congratulations, Sheri and Kelsey and Team Regostein!

All teams, please note:  Your clue will be within a circle with a radius of approximately 50 feet of the location identified in the clue.  We have heard from numerous teams who scoured the facets of a certain downtown sculpture searching for a clue that was not, in fact, attached to said sculpture… but was easily within 50 feet of that spot.

UPDATE: The clue reported missing from the Week Two Super Sleuth puzzle has been replaced, and all Week Two Super Sleuth clues have been field-verified in the past 24 hours. In other words: They’re out there — have at ’em!  Again, we very much regret the disappearance of clues, as it makes the Great Mystery far less enjoyable for sleuths, and creates massive headaches for us here at Sleuth Central as well.  Hopefully we have put the missing clue problem behind us and it will not recur!  Good luck and happy sleuthing with Week Two!

We have received — and verified — reports of a Super Sleuth missing clue for Week Two.  Multitudinous regrets!  Wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair!  Generalized noises of anguish!

This means that there can be no Week Two Super Sleuth winner until we can replace the lost clue.  Unfortunately, our Mystery Master is out of town at a conference and the clue cannot be replaced until sometime after 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 2nd.  Again, our sincerest regrets for this travesty.  We encourage Super Sleuths to get out sometime after mid-day Wednesday to try again.  You may very well have been in the right place.  While the appropriate placement of clues is our job, we cannot take responsibility for vandalism or fate.  Apologies nonetheless!

We also have a winner for the Essential Edition Week Two:  Jordan of the HR Crew came in to claim a Mallard Ice Cream gift certificate for being the first team to complete Week Two!  Please help us celebrate their success, and also help us let the folks at Mallard know that we appreciate their support for progressive education!

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4 Comments on “Missing Clue REPLACED & BOTH Week 2 Prizes Won!”

  1. Darrel! Says:

    Ummmm… Can we know which clue (1, 2, 3, or 4) is the one that is missing?

    • explorationsacademy Says:

      It’s the one you can’t find, of course!

      • Darrel! Says:

        There are multiple that I can’t find, so that response doesn’t make sense, and that use of “of course!” makes me feel bad.

      • moriarty Says:

        @Cartel: Clues are sequential. How could you not find more than one? Once you can’t find one, you’re stuck.

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