Peru Update #2 — Casa de Milagros

Suzy writes:

Arriving at Casa de Milagros, everyone was completely exhausted and a little dizzy either from lack of sleep or the elevation or both. Spirits were good, though, despite weariness.  It was cloudy and 50 at 7 am, but this a relief from the humidity of Lima!  It’s crazy to be at 10,000 ft of elevation and be lower than the surrounding mountains!

IMG_2752[1]Just to set the scene, we’re in a high valley in the Andes.  It’s very green, with high peaks surrounding us.  We can see a huge waterfall across the valley from the orphanage.  A large cave is visible too, that we are going to try and go visit while we’re here.

IMG_2758[1]Our first lunch was a delicious blend of broccoli, eggs, potatoes, carrots, and some herbs from the orphanage garden served with rice.  The best part was the fresh aji (like pico de gallo) marinated with lime juice.  Yum!  This all was served with a sort of pineapple tea made by boiling the center parts of the fruit.

The kids here are wonderful, and Explorations students are doing great at interacting with and playing with the kids.  One, a 6-year old named Soledad, is already spending every waking moment with our group, and enjoying a new beanie baby goat we gave her as a present.  Nothing like sitting on the floor coloring after a couple intense days of travel.  Everyone is getting lots of practice with Spanish.  We played soccer with a group of the kids, which nearly killed us since we aren’t acclimatized to this altitude yet – we were gasping gettying dizzy, and struggling to breathe while they ran circles around us!

IMG_2821[1]Some kids have gotten sick within the first day or two, which we anticipated as our North American systems adjust.  Nausea, some low fevers, intestinal stuff.  We have discussed hygiene, how not to spread germs, etc., but with all that we’re all sleeping in the same room on the same floor. A little homesickness has appeared as well but that will pass.

Our service project here involves – other than just being with the kids and doing a little teaching – building a chicken coop.  We’ve already made a couple of trips into town for supplies for this project.  More on that later.  For now, we’re pretty amazed just to be here.  Everyone is getting along, the food is very good, and the people are truly wonderful.

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3 Comments on “Peru Update #2 — Casa de Milagros”

  1. Sterry Judy Says:

    Wonderful to hear from you all. Disfruten bien de seta viaje!


  2. We are so excited Love you Ariel. mom and dad

  3. Erma Says:

    I miss you guys so much! You all look like you’re having such a gorgeous and amazing time. You all look great, too by the way! All sunkissed, warm and happy. Love to you guys. To Fig Bar, B4L, Scoob, (you know who you are!) I’m so proud of all of you!
    And to you too, Bacchus, Suzy and Hillary! You’re all awesome. xoxox

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