The Great Mystery 2013!

2012 Mystery LogoGreetings, Lovers of The Unknown, Sleuths, Puzzlers Extrordinaire, and Mysterions of All Sorts!  The time is once again upon us for The Great Mystery!

It is true:  You are invited once again to take part in the Greatest Team Problem Solving Event Bellingham has Ever Known!  You, with your team, shall know the Thrill of Pursuit, the Intrigue of Inquiry, the Angst of Uncertainty, the Magic of Discovery.  All right here in Bellingham, all brought from Across the Spectrum of Time to this Very and Present Moment, for YOU!

And, of course, to help fund Scholarships and Financial Aid for young people to attend Explorations Academy.

For what is The Great Mystery but a rendering — a recapitulation — a reflection — of the best of Explorations:  Thinking outside the box, small group collaboration, shared curiosity, group problem solving, exploratory adventure, active learning, and the joy of discovery!

Just fifty bucks and your team will be a part of this Magical Event… with the chance to win prizes far exceeding the value of your registration.

If you haven’t already signed up, please visit this link to download your registration form — then, get it in ASAP for the fun has begun!  And for full details, click here and you can read the skinny on what it’s all about.

Thanks for being the Curious and Engaged Individuals that you are, and we wish you the best in your pursuit of The Great Mystery!

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2 Comments on “The Great Mystery 2013!”

  1. Coming up Empty Says:

    Has anyone found the first clue? We have tried all of our ideas and are already ready to throw in the towel! ) :

  2. judypete Says:

    Hey, it is Tuesday already? No winner? The Thing Finders are stumped. We’ve been out on bicycles with compasses and we’ve seen others in what we thought was a hot spot but alas no clue..

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