Newsflash: Super Sleuth Week Two Prize Claimed — ALREADY??

Dear followers of The Great Mystery, be it known that, with remarkable alacrity and verve, The Asset Managers stunned the world — or at least a few residents thereof — by bringing in the Super Sleuth Week Two answer just as our office was about to close on Friday afternoon!  This answer (encrypted of course like every weekly answer) earned The Asset Managers a lovely and indulgent gift certificate at Mallard Ice Cream.  Cheers to them, tears to the other Super Sleuth teams, and apparently the race is truly on with the setting of this new speed standard.

Meanwhile, Family Edition teams still have both the Week One and Week Two prizes sitting unclaimed, so don’t dally!  And to all of you, be sure to patronize our supporting businesses, without whom there would be no prizes at all for The Great Mystery.   Happy Sleuthing!

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