Family Edition Week Two Prize Claimed!

20130508_143747Multitudinous kudos to the Madagascar Tenrec Terriers for coming in on top of the Family Edition Week Two prize!  This stalwart family team pursued the Mysterious throughout Bellingham and brought their correct answer into our office this afternoon.  Their reward for their perseverance, teamwork, creative thinking and reasoning skills?  A great time!

And, of course, a tangible prize too:  Some gift certificates at Merch-Bot and a flat of wonderful garden starts from the Explorations Academy greenhouse.  Cheers to the Terriers for their success — and happy sleuthing to all!

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One Comment on “Family Edition Week Two Prize Claimed!”

  1. judypete Says:

    We finished week 4 Super Sleuths, Friday night but could not find the final (5th) card. Could you check to be sure it hasn’t disappeared? We have spent 2 hours of Thing Finder time on that location and it’s possible twin spot.
    The Thing Finders

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