Thanks to Great Mystery Participants and Supporters!


“concentric stones on a hill evoke more paganism than academics…”

We made it — the Great Mystery 2013 has concluded!  The Asset Managers walked away with the Super Sleuth Culminating Prize, a Bread for a Year certificate from Avenue Bread.  And the Madagascar Tenrec Terriers cleaned up the Family Edition Week Four and Culminating Prizes, winning pizzas at Pizza Pipeline, a Village Books gift certificate, and a Merch-Bot gift certificate.  And the Thing Finders claimed the Bike Prize, a gift certificate from Fairhaven Bikes, having visited every one of their sixteen clue locations by bicycle!

Our congratulations to all participants!  Of course, everyone that took part was a winner in our view:  If you had fun, learned a little about Bellingham, did some exploring, worked effectively with your team, or thought outside the box, you gained access to The Great Mystery!

In closing, let us again thank you for taking part, and thus supporting Explorations Academy, a dynamic school that challenges young people to become effective global citizens.  And please don’t forget to visit, and thank, our sponsor businesses.  Thanks!

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One Comment on “Thanks to Great Mystery Participants and Supporters!”

  1. East West Alliance Says:

    Thank you Daniel for another event that proved to be a lot of fun.
    The weather really cooperated this year ,so we spent a lot of time in the sun. We really appreciate the effort you put into this event. Thank you.

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