The Great Mystery Returns!

2012 Mystery LogoThe Great Mystery, Explorations Academy’s unique team problem solving challenge, returns this week with a vengeance! Both Super Sleuth and Family Edition teams have kicked their analytic skills into high gear, and as of this fine Monday morning, BOTH Super Sleuth and Family Edition prizes have been claimed.

We celebrate all those who participate in this rollicking adventure.  Four clues (for the Family Edition) and four separate clues (for Super Sleuths) had teams spending their Easter Weekend racing around Bellingham, checking their maps, crossing bridges, scratching their heads, braving Easter traffic to cross busy streets, and — in many cases — successfully locating the Week One Answer.  This morning saw a record number of teams coming in to claim a prize, although (unfortunately) there was but one Week One prize per challenge level to be had.


The Family Edition prize went to the Last Ditch or Last Chance (they may be desperate, but they apparently still have identity issues too). This team received four free passes to enjoy an afternoon at the Spark Museum of Radio and Electricity.  The Super Sleuth prize, consisting of gift certificates for organic food at Terra Organica, was jointly claimed by two teams that arrived almost simultaneously in our office:  The Thing Finders and Ladies of the Eighties.  The Thing Finders, technically first, were kind enough to share the prize!

NEWS FLASH!!!  Speaking of prizes, we have added a new prize to this year’s Great Mystery!  Countless hordes of concerned local citizens have come forth to say that they have never heard of the Great Mystery and are unaware of how awesome an endeavor it really is.  (Feel free to tell your friends about The Great Mystery, by the way, since we still have room for a few more teams!)  So, the new prize is our Shameless Marketing Prize:  Submit your best photos or videos of your team in the thick of Great Mystery sleuthing, and we will collect them all and award a special prize to the best of them!  (While collecting them all for future promotional use, of course!)

Finally:  Please, as you go about your mysterious activities, honor the privacy and professional needs of the citizenry of our town.  We have had a few teams that thought they needed to ask a marine biologist where to find a “captive starfish” when the relevant clue was not under that person’s scientific purview…

Anyhow, thanks to you all for participating in this wonderful lark.  Stay tuned for more updates, and happy sleuthing!

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One Comment on “The Great Mystery Returns!”

  1. Team Veg Heads Says:

    Darn! Our team is stuck on a SS clue. Help!

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