Week Two: The Great Mystery Rages On!

As we roll into the second week of the 2014 Great Mystery, we have a lot of puzzlement permeating our lovely burg, particularly amongst our dedicated Super Sleuth contingent.  (Which is probably fitting!)  That said, all clue locations have been recently field-verified, and — breaking news! — we now have winners for both the Family Edition and Super Sleuth Week Two prizes!

Week 2 Family Winner

Deb from Last Ditch with the Family Edition Prize!

Congratulations to Last Ditch, the Family Edition team that popped into our office right at 7:30 am Monday with the Week Two answer.  They were the early birds… but instead of getting worms, they were awarded a $25 Mallard Ice Cream gift certificate.  You can bet that Last Ditch will be savoring their treat, especially since they were the first team in for Week One also!

Week 2 Super Sleuth Winner

Keith from Team Assessmo claims the Super Sleuth prize!

The Super Sleuth prize took some more hunting.  We had a couple of teams wondering if a clue was missing.  Well, right after a round of Tuesday field verification (nothing worse than looking for something that isn’t there, but our checking revealed that all was well in clue-land) Team Assessmo came into our office with the Week Two Super Sleuth answer, and proudly claimed their own $25 Mallard Ice Cream gift certificate!

A quote from Team Assessmo:  “You really have to clear your eyes to find some of these clues!  You can be looking straight at a wall and see only a wall… and then you can come back [their team required multiple visits to at least one clue location before succeeding] and have a shocking revelation to find it right in front of you.”

So with fun being had by all (we hope), we roll into Week Three with clues going out Thursday May 1.  Watch your mailbox, keep your wits and eyes sharp, and if you need them, there will be some additional Week Two hints arriving with your Week Three clue.  Keep the afternoon of May 14th open for our final celebration, tell all your friends about The Great Mystery, and be sure to patronize our generous Community Partners and prize donors.  And don’t forget to photodocument your amazing Great Mystery experiences for our Shameless Marketing Prize!

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