The Great Mystery Week Three Winners are In!

Lisa Spreyer of the Sherlock Holmies, who are off to the Upfront!

Lisa Spreyer of the Sherlock Holmies, who are off to celebrate their success at the Upfront Theatre!

Another dramatic finish brought successful teams streaming into our office this morning with their correct Week Three Answers!  We are pleased and proud to announce that the Sherlock Holmies claimed the Week Three Super Sleuth prize, which was four passes to the Upfront Theatre.  Congratulations, Sherlock Holmies!

Meanwhile, Team Milo Burgy prevailed in the Family Edition contest.  We celebrate them and their sleuthiness, which netted them two certificates for large pizzas at McKay’s Taphouse/Pizza Pipeline.

Please help us thank the businesses that make The Great Mystery  — and Explorations Academy’s unique brand of innovative education — possible for the benefit of our greater community!

And as we draw closer to the close of this colossal puzzle, please prepare yourself for our Culminating Mystery event.  This event is coming up next week, at the close of Week Four.  On Wednesday, May 14th from 6 to 8 pm at an undisclosed Bellingham location, we will welcome Great Mystery teams to come celebrate the overall event.  Culminating Mystery prizes will of course be awarded, along with the Bike Prize, and several other prizes that you might not even know about yet.  So adjust your schedule, cancel your Vegas plans, stay tuned, and don’t miss it!  More info will be trickling your way as the date for this awesome event draw near.  See you then!

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