Week Four Winner… and SS HINTS!

Well, we’re swinging into the final days of The Great Mystery, and we’re glad to have you along with us on this rather odd and at times unpredictable adventure!  Here’s hoping you’re all having fun!

The Veg Heads claim the Week Four Family Edition Prize!

The Veg Heads claim the Week Four Family Edition Prize!

First, kudos, honors, and recognitions are due — to the Veg Heads, who claimed the Week Four Family Edition prize: a gift certificate at Good To Go Meat Pies.  And lets hoist a few further flags to Last Ditch, who came in with the correct Week Four Family Edition answer at or before the moment when the Veg Heads arrived, but were gracious enough — having won two weekly prizes already! — to concede the Week Four Prize to the other team.  That is the spirit of fun, enjoyment, and lighthearted generosity that makes The Great Mystery so special.  Many honors to these two fine teams!

And now, how about that Super Sleuth Week Four anagrammatic puzzle?  At least a couple teams of intrepid sleuths have gotten as far as a jumbled pile of letters… and then (metaphorically, of course) flung their alphabet up in the air, only to find that the 22 letters DID NOT miraculously land in a neat array describing a single location in our fine town of Bellingham!  And with Wednesday’s denouement (pardon our French) just around the corner, perhaps it would be de rigueur (pardon our other French) to offer a hint or two to help you on your way.

So here we go, two hints.  First, logophiles amongst us may be familiar with the game of Scrabble, in which letters are assigned different point values.  The less common letters, understandably, get higher point values.  (Basic supply-and-demand economics, herein at work in the world of word play.)  Thus this hint:  Look to the higher value letters (J, Q, Z, X, and perhaps K) and place them in words first, then see what else unfolds.

Second:  The anagram, once resolved, will convert those 22 letters into three complete words, which in this order contain five, five, and twelve letters.

Have at it, have fun, and we’ll see you on Wednesday!  We’ll meet at 6pm at the… well, you have the clue to where we’re meeting.  Expect lots of odd and interesting bits of activity, some extra prizes, and be sure to bring your bike photos to contest for the Bike Prize, some marketing photos to contest for the Shameless Marketing Prize (we need to receive them digitally, but bring a printout if you can), and your team members to help you solve the puzzles that may fly at you that evening.  You must be present to win the Culminating Mystery!

Finally, thanks so much for being part of The Great Mystery and supporting cutting edge education!

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