NEWS FLASH: Week Four Typo!

“A poet can survive anything but a misprint.”

These famous Oscar Wilde words could also be said of Super Sleuths and Mystery Masters.  But alas, errors do occasionally occur in the affairs of humans, and this is one particularly egregious error:

Super Sleuth, Week Four, Clue 3 should have read “…closest to the NE corner of Section 25…”  But with one single letter incorrect, our intrepid Super Sleuth teams all went to the NW corner rather than the NE corner, and were understandably stymied as a result.

Please accept our most abundant and profuse apologies!  But:  WE WILL SURVIVE!

To our knowledge, this is the first typo in four years of Great Mysteries, totaling over 100 clue locations.  Nevertheless, we accept full blame and all the insults, criticisms, and pinpokes into voodoo dolls that are our due.  We’re VERY sorry.

And yet the Great Mystery goes on!

We hope to see you all tonight.  And in the meantime, here are some Week Four hints should you need them — we did not have time to use the US Mail to provide them to you, so you’re stuck with the electronic version.

Week Four Hints!

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