The Great Mystery Rides Again!

Aficionados of Intrigue, Pursuers of Paradoxes, Cherishers of Challenge, and Also Allies of Alliteration!  The Newest Edition of The Great Mystery has hit the streets of Bellingham!  Clues have been Carefully Placed in Obscure Locations in and around our Lovely Town, Beckoning to the Curious, the Creative, and the Collaborative!  Yes, we’re talking about You!

2012 Mystery LogoAlthough the Mystery has begun, it is not at all Too Late to get in on the Action.  Registrations are still being Accepted, Prizes are still Waiting to be Won, and the Spigots of Fun will be Fully Flowing for Weeks to Come!  It’s only Sixty Smackers for Four Weeks of Team-Based, Problem-Solving, Fun and Adventures… with Numerous Awesome Prizes just waiting to be Won!  So Hesitate ye Not, and sign up your Team (if you haven’t already) with the form available here.

mallard-ice-creamWeek One of this Enchanting Adventure is Currently Underway!  We have a Week One Winner for the Super Sleuth category, meaning that Team Assessmo was the first one in today with the correct Super Sleuth Answer, which netted them some Awesome Mallard Ice Cream Gift Certificates!  (Thanks, Mallard!)

Most Curiously, the Family Edition prize for Week One remains unclaimed as of this writing.  The Utter Simplicity of the Family Edition puzzle seems to be eluding the Razor-Sharp Wits of our Hardworking Family Edition Teams.  It’s only a matter of time, though, and some Lucky — nay, Stalwart — Team shall soon Prevail.  Stay Tuned!FullSizeRender[9]

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