Week Three — Fast Action!

Indeed, before the end of the day Friday, both of our Week Three prizes were claimed by speedy and sleuthiferous teams!

The Brownie Hounds came in first with the Family Edition solution, prevailing for their second week in a row. The Fourth Corner Network wrapped up the Super Sleuth Edition in similarly breakneck fashion.  Our congratulations go out to these two intrepid teams!

The Brownie Hounds are at it again!

The Brownie Hounds are at it again!

Congratulations to the 4th Corner Network for their astounding sleuthing!

Congrats to the 4th Corner Network!

But really, a big congratulations goes out to everyone partaking in this zany adventure! We could not do it without you, and are grateful for your positive contributions to our learning community. Keep up the hard work, everyone, and keep your eyes out for the 4th and final clue of the Great Mystery, coming your way through the mail.

Pickford (Week 3 FE)

Upfront (Week 3 SS)And a special big thank you to our sponsors for this week’s gifts! Our Family Edition prize was made possible by the Pickford Film Center!

And a super thank you to the Upfront Theater for their generous donation of free tickets for the Super Sleuthian team.

Please show your support for this week’s sponsoring business by sponsoring them in return! Our community support is what makes this Great Mystery possible, and what makes our Bellingham a place for your children to thrive! Thank you again to everyone playing and enjoying the fun.

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