Week 4 Hints

Intrepid sleuths! Some mumblings have made their way to Command Central requesting hints for Week 4. You will find them below! Use ’em to find your 4th week final answers…if you need ’em!

ALSO:  NEWS FLASH!!  It has come to our attention that there was a misprint in the Culminating Mystery Instructions sent out last week.  The key to the Super Sleuth Culminating Mystery has SEVEN digits in it, not FIVE as erroneously printed.  The key is in the place as correctly identified, but look for a seven not five digit number.  Multitudinous Apologies to all!

Family Edition Week Four Hints
1.  This spot is pretty close to Cornwall Park, and the double letter streets are north-south streets.
2.  At the edge of the woods is this cool little box of books; within a stone’s throw the clue sits.
3.  This bridge is over a creek soon to be daylighted, part of the state highway system!
4.  How many places in the city center have poems mounted on metal signposts?

Super Sleuth Week Four Hints
1. One lighthouse sits near the water, one near the freeway.  Both are more for marketing than illumination.
2. These numbers are political designations, the boundaries of which can be obtained from the government.
3. This metal thing sings and rings just below the Museum, next to the creek…
4. This big round thing contains water — but don’t cross the fence!

Bring your final clues to the Culminating Affair on May 20 to win the GREAT MYSTERY! Boundary Bay Brewing Co. is hosting our Great Mystery event from 6-8pm, and the High Country Stringband will play away our querying woes from 8-10pm (cover $5; a portion goes to Explorations Academy!).

We will see you there!

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