Indonesia Update #1

Our travelers have arrived in Indonesia!  After a 3:45am departure, a long series of flights and layovers, and an assortment of delays and boarding pass glitches, eleven Explorations Academy students and three staff are finally settled into their first hotel in Solo, on the island of Java.

Sleep? Who needs sleep when you are leaving hours before dawn?

Sleep? Who needs sleep when you are leaving for a month, several hours before dawn?

There were in fact four airplanes involved:  One from Seattle to San Francisco (delayed due to fog in SF), one from San Francisco to Tokyo (delayed because the earlier flight was delayed and there happened to be enough people making the connection that they held the flight), one from Tokyo to Jakarta, and (after a long, wee-hours-of-the-morning layover) one from Jakarta to Yogyakarta.  Looking down from the Tokyo-Jakarta flight, numerous large container ships could be seen as bright spots in the Java Sea between Borneo and Java.

Finally a short leg of ground transportation brought the group from Yogyakarta to Solo, where they will spend the next few days.  Needless to say, everyone was fully and entirely exhausted after roughly 40 hours of transit!

Java is hot.  Uncomfortably hot, to folks acclimatized to the Pacific Northwest winter.  The temperature during the layover in Jakarta was 82 degrees F, and that was during the coolest part of the day.  And the humidity is very high.  “Sweaty, muggy and condensing on everything” was the brief description provided of the Javan humidity.  It is going to take them some time to adjust!

We will be posting updates on this blog every 3-5 days or so over the coming weeks to help those of us back home follow the adventures of our group.  Please know that your support for this adventure of a lifetime is invaluable and deeply appreciated!


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One Comment on “Indonesia Update #1”

  1. Katie Smith Says:

    Yippee! Glad they made it safe and sound. Let the adventures begin!

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